Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Zazzle Dazzles

They say first impressions are everything.  Well, Zazzle really did dazzle me, and here is why.

Firstly, the choice. Whether you visit or, the Zazzle website is vast, and you will be totally and utterly spoilt for choice. I was looking for a iPad case and being a girl with a touch of Irish blood, I was drawn to the shamrock range, but there is a design for literally every occasion.  They also have a huge range of products available, from phone/tablet cases to clothing to wedding invites. 

This is the case that I chose.....

Secondly, the service.  I placed my order with Zazzle at 22.45 (GMT) on Tuesday 25 February.  By 08.50 (GMT) on Monday 3 March, my order was sat safely at my house awaiting my return. Bearing in mind that this order came from the States, I think that's damn impressive......I've had orders within the UK take longer than that to arrive!!

Thirdly, the product. I must admit I was a little concerned about the quality before I ordered. I'd heard of the site before, but I hadn't had any personal recommendations and had never seen a Zazzle product before.  My item was described as a hard cover case and "custom made with premium book cloth and finished with glossy laminate" - to be honest I didn't really know what to expect. However, my first impression is that the quality is very good.  It looks gorgeous and it feels like it will protect my iPad. 

It's easy to get your iPad into the case, and it's a very snug fit making me happy that my iPad is secure. This does, however, mean that it's a tiny bit difficult to get it back out again.  I would be concerned if I was removing the iPad regularly, that the case itself might stretch (as you keep pulling it to remove the iPad) but I'm not sure.  I'll keep you updated of any developments over time.

Whilst it hasn't got the multi-folding function that some cases do, it has got non-slip edges so you can fold the case and use it for landscape viewing. It seems that you can fold the case back without the laminate creasing (like a book spine would when you read it) but time will tell how long it keeps it's fresh laminate finish for. 

Obviously, if you're folding it back, you can't take a photograph as the folded back cover blocks the camera, so you need to hold it open, and you need to ensure the elastic band which holds the front cover shut is out of the way but neither cause any major issues, in my opinion.

If you were planning on holding the iPad, the case does make it quite heavy.  This is probably the main disadvantage - if you've got an iPad Air, they're exceptionally light and you don't realise that benefit with this case. However, for protection and use with it on your lap/leaning/with the stand, it's absolutely fine.

Finally, the price.  When I ordered my case, there was a promotion of 40% off and I had a $25 gift certificate (provided very kindly by  Therefore, although postage is fairly expensive from the States to the UK, I had an exceptionally good deal.  I'm always reluctant to order products online, and pay substantial postage, when you don't really know what you're going to get.  It's ok when you see something in a shop and then order it online, but somehow it's not the same when you haven't seen it.  However, having now received this product, I would say it is well worth the price and the cost of postage (especially given the speed with which it is delivered). 

If you're based in the UK, you can also order from where prices will be shown in sterling.  I can't recommend Zazzle highly enough, so don't hesitate to visit their website and place an order.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

BzzAgent Review of Dove Maximum Protection

I'm a BzzAgent!! BzzAgent is a word-of-mouth programme; BzzAgent provided me with a sample of this product in return for my open and honest review.

Dove maximum protection claims to be 2 x stronger in the protection against sweat than the leading anti-perspirant but at the same time cares for your underarm skin with Dove 1/4 moisturising cream.

I think I have fairly over-active sweat days and stressful situations drive me crazy as it makes me uncomfortable and causes me to lose confidence. I don't want to have to worry about damp patches or unpleasant smells!  I was therefore pretty keen to trial this when it popped into my inbox from BzzAgent!  It couldn't have come at a better time for me....arriving just before the start of my new, and fairly stressful job...I realised this was the perfect time to trial this product.

Overall, I'm incredibly impressed.  It really does work.  I've been using for three weeks now and I haven't had any problems, despite both summer-like temperatures and the stresses of my new job.  

However, there is one thing about this that makes me slightly uneasy.  The instructions tell you that for optimum use you should apply before bed.  They say that whilst resting, the Dove maximum protection formula provides scientifically proven wetness protection which lasts throughout the following day.  There is no need to reapply in the morning (even if you've showered).  I should say at this point, that I haven't applied it at night, but just in the morning as I would a normal  anti-perspirant.  This is because I don't feel comfortable with putting this sort of product on just before I go to bed.  But applying in the morning hasn't caused any problems and I still think it is wonderfully effective.

My one downside to this would be that after using for a while I noticed that when showering, and using dove shower cream, I suddenly got this tight feeling (like when I use soap - I'm one of those people who can only use liquid soap, not a bar of soap as bars of soap make my skin tight and uncomfortable).  I initially thought that perhaps dove had changed the ingredients in the shower cream to something my skin didn't like - but then it dawned on me, it was only when I used it under my arms I ended up with this feeling.  I can therefore only conclude that this anti-perspirant puts some sort of coating on your skin that doesn't wash off particularly effectively.  It concerns me that if it isn't washing off ever completely, I might just be building up the chemicals on my skin (which cannot be healthy for you!)  It also makes it incredibly difficult to shave under your arms as the razor doesn't glide over the skin like it used to, but gets stuck, doesn't really work very well and is fairly uncomfortable.

This for me is a fairly big downside, but at the moment it is worth it for the effective protection that it provides.  I also think that £5 is fairly expensive for a anti-perspirant - time will tell whether I value it enough to buy again!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Expect Good Things from Good Things....!

A few weeks ago, I was wandering down the supermarket aisles looking for inspiration.  As usual, I popped into the beauty section to pick up a few things.  I'm always on the lookout for new products that can help me with certain things; in particular I have quite an oily t-zone and so I'm still on the hunt for the perfect product(s) that will help me keep my foundation on and matte, not disappearing and all shiny! 

I'd just run out of my moisturiser which I must admit I have never used religiously! So many moisturisers alter the balance of your skin, and can easily make you more oily! I took a quick glance at the moisturisers on offer in my local supermarket, and something immediately caught my eye.....the gorgeous packaging of Good Things.  Their designs are simple but absolutely beautiful and elegant.  I scanned the shelf and not only saw that they had 1/3 off the price but there was one called "Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser". I didn't need much convincing to try it, but the back of the box made me instantly drop it into my basket:

"Even if your skin is oily, it needs moisture to keep it soft and healthy.  Miracle Mattifier with blackcurrant and goji berry superfruits pulls off a clever balancing act.  It is quickly absorbed and gives your skin plenty of hydration whilst helping to absorb any excess oil, so your skin stays smooth and matte and is less prone to breakouts"

In addition, this product is free from parabens, mineral oils, sodium laureth sulphate and animal ingredients - just full of good things for super skin!

The first thing I noticed about this product when I used it was the smell - SIMPLY WOW!  It's clearly packed with superfruits and boy do they smell incredible! A great purchase just for the smell alone! The cream itself looks thick and rich, and it is absorbed quickly!

I have been using this religiously for a couple of weeks now, usually both in the morning and before bed! Has it made a difference? Yes - my skin looks healthier, it's more even and really soft! It is more matte and gets less oily throughout the hasn't eliminated it completely but certainly has made a big difference!

A lot of people think if you have oily skin, you should avoid any sort of artificial products.  Good Things set us right:

"Oily skin needs careful treatment to clear away excess sebum without stripping it of moisture. You might think that the first thing you need to do with oily skin is 'dry it out' but if you strip the skin too effectively of all its oil, it tries to rebalance itself by producing even more oil to make up for what it has lost. And because oil and water are two different things, you can end up with oily, yet dehydrated, skin. Which is why even oily skin needs a light moisturiser."

You can take a look at the range of products at the Good Things Website - Good Things Skincare was developed by award-winning beauty writer Alice Hart-Davis using her years of experience in the beauty industry.  This skincare range is designed to make the most of young skin.  Whether you're looking for skincare or bodycare - check out Good Things and it really is fine to expect good things....!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Mascara Brand of 2011: Maybelline

This year I've been on a serious hunt for the best mascara! As with so many beauty products, I struggle to find one that does what I want it to and then lasts all day long!

I also have quite a major issue with all these beauty brands who advertise using celebrities who a) clearly don't even use their products and b) have false eyelashes/airbrushing etc in order to create the advert we see! It makes me angry, yet, when I see a gorgeous model in a beautifully shiny advert telling me that I too can look like her....I am tempted to buy the product! I know I shouldn't be, but I literally can't help myself!

I was lucky enough to receive a couple of Maybelline mascaras this year allowing me to try before I buy. 

For me, this has got to be my Mascara Brand of 2011.  I've tried 4 different products of Maybelline:

1. Volum' Express One by One
2. Volum' Express The Falsies
3. Volum' Express The Colossal
4. Volum' Express The Colossal Cat Eyes

This mascara has a patented exclusive brush "The Lash Catcher" which captures, coats and cleans every single lash for big, clean volume from root to tip. It also has a conditioning formula with Vitamin C (*derivative) which claims to leave your lashes so smooth they won't stick together. States up to 4x more volume.

This is my favourite of the 4 mascaras listed here.  It really does separate your lashes and won't leave them clumpy.  Left me with dark, lengthened and volumised lashes!

Volum' Express® The Falsies™Mascara
This mascara has a patented spoon brush which fans out lashes from corner to corner.  It has a Pro-Keratin formula which will help to build up to 3x more volume.

I like this mascara, but I don't think it lives up to its name of false lash glam in a tube! The volume ability of this mascara isn't as good as the others in my opinion, but can be built up with reapplication - but don't let it dry between coats or lashes go clumpy and hard! I love the spoon brush of this mascara, it really does make application easier and helps catch every lash!

This mascara has a Mega Brush and collagen-enriched plumping formula allowing you to build up to 7x more volume.

This is probably my least favourite, but probably because I don't like to keep applying to build up volume.  If you're happy to keep applying to build up your desired look, it's fine but if your looking for a quick fix, then it's just like any standard mascara in my opinion.

This mascara has a collagen enriched formula and unique 'claw' brush which flicks out and extends the look of lashes at the corner giving a fierce look with up to 7x more volume.

I really like this mascara, however, I'd have to disagree with the 7x more volume! For me, One by One provides more volume than this on first application! The slightly curved brush is perfect for catching all the lashes, it doesn't flake off during the day and you can keep reapplying to get your desired look - just don't let it dry between coats!

If you've got any mascara recommendations, I'd love to hear them! Or if you've tried any of these products, let me know what your experience has been!

Friday, 14 October 2011

Cheryl Cole Shoe Collection

This is a bit of an unusual blog post for me, as it’s not about something I’ve experienced yet! But it is about something I’m super excited about! And that is the launch of Cheryl Cole’s show collection….!

Cheryl has been working with on every detail of her new shoe collection, due to be launched in December.  She wants to be involved in every detail; colour schemes, fabric and style! Cheryl describes it as a “dream come true” and something that every girl would want to do!

Watch Cheryl talk about & begin to design her shoe collection here:

I cannot be alone in anticipating wonderful things from this collection.  Cheryl says she hasn’t gone too far down the glamour line as she’s aware not everyone wants to wear high heels all the time! High or low, I anticipate these shoes are going to be fabulous and extremely popular as Cheryl Cole must surely be a strong contender for Style Icon of the Year, if not Decade!!

This collection should be available in December, just in time for Christmas…! I’ll be keeping an eye on this at Stylistpick's website ….will you?

Monday, 3 October 2011

Palmer's Coconut Body Butter

Earlier in the year, Palmer’s sent me a full sized 170g pot of Palmer’s Coconut Milk Formula Body Butter to test out and see what I thought of it.  The pot states that the body butter is luxuriously creamy and is made with natural coconut milk and also contains vitamin E.  From the product description, and reading the ingredients, I noticed it also contains Mango, Macadamia, Sweet Almond Oil, Aloe and Cocoa.  

On first opening the pot, I was hit by the relatively strong coconut smell which no doubt will make everyone think of suntan lotion! However, once I’d put a bit on my legs, I could really smell the cocoa as well.  

The body butter itself is quite firm and certainly does feel luxuriously creamy as you apply it to your body.  It does not stay wet or tacky for ages, which means you don’t have to wander around the house half naked for hours whilst you wait for it to dry.  I found it was quickly absorbed into the skin and instantly my skin felt softer.  I was also pleasantly surprised to find that that softness lasted for hours, and in fact whenever I turned over in the middle of the night, I actually noticed how soft my legs felt (not something I would usually notice in the middle of the night!)

My only negative point about this product would be that if you put clothes on over your newly moisturised body, the smell really does soak into the clothes and lasts until washed.  So even if you haven’t used the body butter that day you might find a rather strong coconut smell following you round the house as you lounge around in those tracksuit bottoms you shoved on after moisturising your legs a couple of days ago!!! I guess the same applies if you use the body butter in the morning, you may smell of coconut all day – so perhaps ideal for putting on just before bed!

Having checked online, I found that the body butter costs £4.99 at Boots and £6.12 at Superdrug – so definitely worth keeping an eye out for the best offer.  It is also available at Asda/Tesco etc. although I am unsure of the prices.  In my opinion, definitely a worthwhile buy – the pot is actually full when new, unlike some body butters I have used where the pot is nowhere near full.  The only reason to avoid this product would be if you hate the smell of coconut!!

Can view product here: Palmers Coconut Milk Formula Body Butter

Friday, 22 July 2011

Review of personalised iPhone cover

I was unbelievably excited when I came across @MooSkinsUK on twitter, and even better they were looking for bloggers to review. 
I took a look at their website, and I have to say I was really impressed.  There is a gallery to give you some inspiration if you need it; Mooskins Gallery but you literally can create any cover you want! Simply have a browse through your own photos and select one you’d like to be on your phone cover.  Creating your design on is exceptionally easy.  You simply upload your picture, and you can resize and rotate it until it fits and looks exactly how you want it! It really is as simple as that; the hardest bit is choosing which picture you want!!
I emailed my image over to Tom at about 2pm on a Friday afternoon, and low and behold first thing on Saturday morning, Postie delivers my iPhone cover!  So far I had been beyond impressed with their website, turnaround and delivery times.  Now for the real test……..I eagerly opened my package!
Now was I impressed with the actual product? You bet I was!  The quality of the product itself is excellent, as is the photographic quality.  The photograph is part of the cover itself, not just printed on it so it won't peel off!
The key points to note about this product are:
·         High grade plastic moulding
·         Integrated buttons
·         Scratch resistant and chip resistant
·         Photographic quality print image
The cover is a very snug fit, it fits my iPhone 4 perfectly, but I found it incredibly difficult to get off.  It’s relatively solid, and such a tight fit – maybe there is a knack to it, but it’s a knack I don’t currently possess.  Also to get the iPhone cover on, I found you have to be a little forceful (I suppose because it is such a tight fit).  I was a little scared it was going to crack, but it seems to be very resilient.  I see from looking at other reviews that the covers for the iPhone 3 and the Blackberry 8520 come in two pieces which slot together to fit around your phone, rather than have to be 'clipped' into place.  I like this idea as it means you don't end up damaging the edges of your phone trying to get the cover on/off.
The only other thing I found was that because I have an iPhone 4, the cover made my phone quite solid and a bit chunkier than it is naturally.  But to be honest, I think it's just a case of adjusting to something I'm not used to!
Here is my cover:

This cover is for an iPhone 4, but they are also available for iPhone 3 and Blackberry 8520.  I believe Mooskins are also working on covers for the iPad and iPod so keep your eye on their website!
 I think these personalised phone covers make the perfect gift, either for yourself or for somebody else! They’re gorgeous, great quality and best of all you don’t have to choose from factory made standard covers – you can have anything you like on it! What could be better?!
To take a look for yourself, visit Mooskins website – you won’t be disappointed!