Friday, 22 July 2011

Review of personalised iPhone cover

I was unbelievably excited when I came across @MooSkinsUK on twitter, and even better they were looking for bloggers to review. 
I took a look at their website, and I have to say I was really impressed.  There is a gallery to give you some inspiration if you need it; Mooskins Gallery but you literally can create any cover you want! Simply have a browse through your own photos and select one you’d like to be on your phone cover.  Creating your design on is exceptionally easy.  You simply upload your picture, and you can resize and rotate it until it fits and looks exactly how you want it! It really is as simple as that; the hardest bit is choosing which picture you want!!
I emailed my image over to Tom at about 2pm on a Friday afternoon, and low and behold first thing on Saturday morning, Postie delivers my iPhone cover!  So far I had been beyond impressed with their website, turnaround and delivery times.  Now for the real test……..I eagerly opened my package!
Now was I impressed with the actual product? You bet I was!  The quality of the product itself is excellent, as is the photographic quality.  The photograph is part of the cover itself, not just printed on it so it won't peel off!
The key points to note about this product are:
·         High grade plastic moulding
·         Integrated buttons
·         Scratch resistant and chip resistant
·         Photographic quality print image
The cover is a very snug fit, it fits my iPhone 4 perfectly, but I found it incredibly difficult to get off.  It’s relatively solid, and such a tight fit – maybe there is a knack to it, but it’s a knack I don’t currently possess.  Also to get the iPhone cover on, I found you have to be a little forceful (I suppose because it is such a tight fit).  I was a little scared it was going to crack, but it seems to be very resilient.  I see from looking at other reviews that the covers for the iPhone 3 and the Blackberry 8520 come in two pieces which slot together to fit around your phone, rather than have to be 'clipped' into place.  I like this idea as it means you don't end up damaging the edges of your phone trying to get the cover on/off.
The only other thing I found was that because I have an iPhone 4, the cover made my phone quite solid and a bit chunkier than it is naturally.  But to be honest, I think it's just a case of adjusting to something I'm not used to!
Here is my cover:

This cover is for an iPhone 4, but they are also available for iPhone 3 and Blackberry 8520.  I believe Mooskins are also working on covers for the iPad and iPod so keep your eye on their website!
 I think these personalised phone covers make the perfect gift, either for yourself or for somebody else! They’re gorgeous, great quality and best of all you don’t have to choose from factory made standard covers – you can have anything you like on it! What could be better?!
To take a look for yourself, visit Mooskins website – you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. yes you are right am not disappointed and here I am to ask a question about this beautiful personalised phone cover. I have samsung s4 Is this possible to work for samsung cover?