Friday, 14 October 2011

Cheryl Cole Shoe Collection

This is a bit of an unusual blog post for me, as it’s not about something I’ve experienced yet! But it is about something I’m super excited about! And that is the launch of Cheryl Cole’s show collection….!

Cheryl has been working with on every detail of her new shoe collection, due to be launched in December.  She wants to be involved in every detail; colour schemes, fabric and style! Cheryl describes it as a “dream come true” and something that every girl would want to do!

Watch Cheryl talk about & begin to design her shoe collection here:

I cannot be alone in anticipating wonderful things from this collection.  Cheryl says she hasn’t gone too far down the glamour line as she’s aware not everyone wants to wear high heels all the time! High or low, I anticipate these shoes are going to be fabulous and extremely popular as Cheryl Cole must surely be a strong contender for Style Icon of the Year, if not Decade!!

This collection should be available in December, just in time for Christmas…! I’ll be keeping an eye on this at Stylistpick's website ….will you?

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